translinguae – Catherine Stumpp – Interpreter and Translator – Quality

Translations and proofreading
Understanding the source text perfectly is the key to perfect translation and proofreading. Unfortunately, not all texts are always clear and easy to understand. To achieve a good result, I work with experienced and qualified colleagues and experts in different fields. As a result, you can entrust me with your translations and proofreading (into German and French) to ensure the level of style required for the target group.

From a good interpreter you can expect top language skills, the right interpreting technique at the right time, a well-prepared assignment, flexibility, the ability to work under pressure and a friendly approach.
Preparation for a professional interpreting assignment starts quite some time before the day concerned. I prepare for assignments by reading appropriate literature and creating specialist glossaries in both working languages. As a result, people can talk to one another successfully despite the language barriers.

Language courses
In addition to the language skills, it's very important to be aware what makes each country so different in terms of culture. I will help beginners and advanced students to enhance their language skills in one-to-one lessons or in small groups. As all of us learn at our own speed and different ways, we will draw up personal curricula to reflect your objectives.

All information I acquire during my job is treated as strictly confidential. This applies to both written as well as spoken information.
I always respect the "Code of Practice" of the BDÜ (in German). Its details resemble to the ones indicated in English on the APCI website.

Personal development training
Language, terminology and tools used in translating and interpreting, as well as language teaching, change constantly. Therefore, I attend advanced training courses, offered by the professional bodies and universities in Germany, that teach interpreters and translators.