translinguae – Catherine Stumpp – Interpreter and Translator – Prices


Because all the assignments I take on are different and require a certain flexibility, I have deliberately not included a price list here.

Translations are usually calculated by standard lines with 55 characters (including spaces). If source texts are spread sheets or presentations without continuous text, which require extra time and effort for research and formatting, prices are calculated on an hourly basis.

The price per line will be agreed with the client before the order is confirmed and it depends on various criteria such as:
  • the level of difficulty
  • the level of urgency
  • text type and speciality

Proofreading is usually based on an hourly rate, but of course more time needs to be allowed for more difficult and complex texts, or spreadsheets. Therefore, similarly to translations, prices can vary depending on how difficult the text is.

Interpreting assignments are usually based on daily or hourly rates. Depending on the requirements (difficulty, number of interpreters needed, duration of the assignment) prices can vary, similarly to translations.

Language courses are usually invoiced on an hourly basis. Depending on the distance to the place the class is held, the number of people taking part and the language level, prices vary in this case as well, just as they do for translations and interpreting assignments.